Choosing a Realtor is not an easy task. Recently, I learned that there are 40,000 Realtors in the state of Missouri. That is a crazy number!

I have two suggestions to help you pick the right Realtor:

1. Just because they were recommended by a friend or family member does not mean they are the right Realtor for you. Meet up with the Realtor first and make sure that you like them. Buying or selling a home should be a fun experience, and it won’t be if you can’t stand your Realtor. Make sure you like the person you are working with.

2. Make sure your Realtor knows what they’re doing. Hire an experienced Realtor who knows what they’re doing, not just a paper pusher.

“Hire a Realtor that you like, not just someone who was recommended to you.”

Remember, this is the biggest investment of your life. Hiring the right Realtor is an incredibly important part of achieving your real estate goals.

If you have any other questions about hiring a Realtor or about real estate in general, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!